Charcoal Boy VS Instaklic

A week ago Charcoal Boy Grilled and Oyster opened its 4th Branch in Cebu and we are lucky to be among the first groups of diners during their soft opening.

The place is very easy to find, located along Escario Street on the ground floor of M2 Building. Outside there are 3 Parking spots available with around 10 more available street parking.

Inside, nothing fancy but the ambiance is good. Despite the store area being relatively small, the tables are spaced apart sufficiently that you will not squeeze your self in going to your seat.

Then the food. It’s what makes everything worth your while. The Oysters are super fresh. The cooking and presentation are excellent, with the price which is super affordable. Aside from Oysters, they also serve the grilled chicken and pork barbecue which is also very good.

I should say that Charcoal Boy captures the Cebuano palate and our love for seafood. And their increased presence here in Cebu is a welcome addition to our growing food destinations.

Here’s a video of our filling experience. Enjoy!



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