Event Photo and Video Expectations under “New Normal”

Let’s face it, Coronavirus is here to stay. But rather than whine about it and just curl up and die we just need to learn how to live with it.

With the City now downgrading to MECQ or probably to GCQ as per to the appeal of the City Mayor, we will soon be seeing events coming back to life.

But what are we going to expect in the photo and videography industry under the new normal?

Most likely, at the start, there will be fewer events. And simple events that can just go about without having a paid photographer or videographer might no longer need one and will just be contented with their mobile phones.

The competition will be on the all-time high. Most event photographers and videographers now transitioned to online selling, online jobs, and even bartering but as soon as events start to come in they will all be eating each other out with their lower service rates. Everyone will have their strategies and gimmicks to get that precious booking.

Under the new normal, the usual 3 or 4 photographers to cover a wedding event will be down to 1 or 2 and that is for photo and video already. Having a large number of people gathered in a small hotel room will be strongly discouraged. In some cases, the preparation shoot may no longer be required.

Coverage will be simpler and more candid that will result in a more solemn and intimate event which is good. Telephoto lenses will play a big role during events to maintain social distancing.

Live Streaming will be a great hit and virtual guests will be very popular. Sadly they cannot have a piece of that crispy Lechon.

Lastly, the one thing that I am most positive to expect is the pambansang crew meal – Jollibee Burger Steak, is also here to stay! Hmm. I can already smell the aroma. The kind that sticks to your breath even after 2 days.

In the end, it’s a win for our beloved clients. No longer they will have to spend so much on the venue, service providers, and food, especially to those who will just eat and run!

There will be lesser stress since there will be fewer things to be worried about. It will be more intimate, spontaneous, and just pure joy and true emotions. And that will be so awe-inspiring and amazing to capture in photos and movies.



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