Instaklic went to Singapore

A quick blog post on our first ever trip to Singapore. And of course, like any other normal tourist, the first place we visited is no other than the famous Sentosa Island.

The place is amazing. There’s a ton of things to do and attractions to see and visit. Truly a good place to burn cash, sorry I mean to have fun.

But one thing that stood out aside from all the beautiful sceneries, cityscapes, events and places that we have witnessed on our quick 2 day trip, was this simple photobooth green screen setup in Sentosa. Very simple, yet it was a big hit and it cost a whooping $10 SD to take a photo which comes with a single 5R Print.

See the picture? There’s not even a single flash being used! Wish we could setup one there too.

Anyways, it was actually our 10th wedding anniversary with my wife Lyn so the trip was not entirely related to photobooth. Here’s the video if you want to see some clips from our trip. Warning, video contains lots of walking and eating and shaky timelapse.

See you on our next post!



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